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Aesthetic Dentistry

In today’s world, dentistry is not only concerned with the patient’s need for treatment or prosthesis; a major part of our work consists of aesthetic concerns.

Looking nice is a desire that exists in human nature. This is where aesthetic dentistry comes into play. A better smile is of course an expression that everyone would like to have.

Aesthetic concerns of patients can be listed as tooth color, broken, chipped, worn, missing, intermittent, malformed or maladjusted teeth.

In dentistry, a complete treatment plan to include a harmonized face, smile, teeth and gums which we call smile design is designed for patients. At this stage, a better smile is designed by making changes to the gums and, if necessary, other dental elements. In short, art and science work together. Smile design is a multidisciplinary study of periodontology, surgery and post-prosthetic treatment for gingival soft tissue designs.

If the patient only has complaints about the color of his teeth, bleaching should be sufficient. However, if the patient has concerns about not only color changes in the teeth but shape and size changes, then laminate veneer crown is preferred. These are color and form change restorations which are applied only to the front surfaces of the teeth with a process lasting about 10 days.

Technological advances and scientific studies allow us to carry out strong and color-resistant studies close to the original in materials and production in dentistry as is the case in all subjects.

There are a few more things you need to know if you want to change and beautify your smile

  • Esthetic dentistry cost is high because it is carried out with an elaborate and sensitive technique.
  • Insurance, including most private health insurance, does not cover the costs of these procedures.
  • Although the materials used nowadays are very durable compared to those in the past, they may break, crack, wear and need to be replaced.