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Prosthodontics – Dental Prosthesis

All of these terms, which are commonly referred to in the vernacular as porcelain teeth, crowns, bridges, nail teeth, implant teeth, dentures, palate, partial dentures are all services of this branch.

In other words, this is the largest dental branch.

Lamina coating, zirconium porcelain, empress porcelain, in other words metal-free porcelain is widely used in aesthetic dentistry.

If an initial classification is required, the prosthesis can be examined in 3 sections:

Fixed prostheses
1. porcelain crowns – bridges

2.metal-free aesthetic porcelains

3.postcore (postcore -nail is applied into the tooth) dentures


Removable prostheses
1. Full palate prostheses

2.partial dentures

3.Precision attachment-retained dentures

4.overdenture prostheses (the roots of teeth are used)

Implant ( nail tooth-tooth extraction) prostheses 

  1. Removable Implant Supported Prostheses
  2. Fixed Implant Supported Prostheses