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Tooth whitening – Bleaching

It is an oxygenation method used to whiten teeth that have changed color for various reasons or to lighten personal tooth color by a few tones.

The natural colors of teeth darken with years, external factors.

The teeth whitening process can be carried out in the dentist’s office or at home to achieve a satisfactory whitening of 2-10 tones and a beautiful smile. Bleaching must be carried out under professional control.

There are 2 kinds of coloration in teeth.

1- Internal coloring: This type of coloring has penetrated into the tooth and cannot be removed by brushing. Structural defects that occur during tooth formation are also included in this category. Bleaching is very successful in such cases.

2-External spotting: This coloration sticks to the surface of the teeth from some foods, coloring materials such as cigarettes, tea and coffee. It is possible to get rid of these stains mostly by cleaning the teeth and subsequent professional brushing.

Different colorings require different treatments. Therefore, it is best to decide together with our dentists what type of application should be carried out.

How is the bleaching procedure done?
Bleaching is the process of removing discolorations that occur in the structure of teeth. There are currently two known methods of bleaching. The first one is a method that the patient can apply on his own, the steps are as follows:

  • The dentists measures the mouth and prepares thin rubber molds that you can attach to your teeth,
    • The patient puts a tailor made medicine into the special mold prepared for him and puts this mold on the teeth to be bleached for at least 6 – 8 hours per day (preferably when sleeping),
    • The treatment is completed in 1 – 4 weeks on average.
    The second method is the bleaching carried out by a dentist in the clinic which is applied as follows:
    • The bleaching drug is placed on the tooth by a physician with experience in this procedure.
    • A white light source is held on the tooth for a certain time.
    • The result is immediately observed when the process is finished.
    Although both methods are effective, preference depends on the degree of discoloration, how quickly the treatment is desired to be terminated and the opinion of the physician.

Is it safe?


According to research, bleaching is extremely effective and safe if performed under the supervision of your dentist. Teeth and gums are not damaged in any way.

Do teeth return to their original state after whitening?
Teeth will always be whiter than before. However, depending on the habits and oral care of the patients, reinforcement therapy may be required.

What will I have to endure during treatment?
If you smoke, do not smoke with the rubber mold in your mouth (applies to home bleaching). You may feel a slight cold hot sensitivity that will be eliminated by the end of treatment.

How long will bleached teeth remain white?
Teeth whitened by different bleaching methods remain white for a few years. But this time varies from person to person. Eating and drinking habits, smoking and brushing habits affect the time the teeth remain white.

It should be noted that bleaching may not always provide the whiteness you want. The whitening rate depends on the tone of your teeth before the whitening process and varies from person to person. Therefore, you should discuss your expectations with your dentist in advance.